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What Is Going on With ACLs in Women’s Football?

Flo and Jessy are joined by Dr. Steph Coen and Joanne Parsons to discuss why ACL injuries are so prevalent in women’s sport and what could prevent them

Arsenal v Manchester United - Barclays Women’s Super League Photo by Stuart MacFarlane/Arsenal FC via Getty Images

Flo Lloyd-Hughes and Jessy Parker Humphreys are joined by Dr. Steph Coen, a human geography researcher at the University of Nottingham, and Joanne Parsons, a professor and physical therapist from the University of Manitoba, to discuss the ACL epidemic in women’s football. They’ve been looking into why it’s become such a prevalent injury in women’s sport and what could be done to prevent it.

Host: Flo Lloyd-Hughes
Guests: Dr. Steph Coen, Joanne Parsons, Jessy Parker Humphreys, and Becky Taylor-Gill
Producer: Becky Taylor-Gill
Additional Production: Jonathan Fisher

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