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‘Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story’ Series Recap

Bill and Joanna discuss Evan Peters’s performance and compare the series to Ryan Murphy’s other projects


Bill and Joanna get together to discuss Netflix’s limited-run series Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, and begin by talking about the decision to go all in on the blood and gore at the very start, and if Jeffrey Dahmer was as compelling in real life as Evan Peters’s sensitive depiction. They then dive into how the real-life events from the series were covered in the ’90s, the amazing acting performances by Peters and Niecy Nash, and some of their favorite scenes (6:28). Finally, they examine what we can learn from movies about serial killers, ask why they continue to be so popular, and compare Monster to Ryan Murphy’s other projects (22:40).

Hosts: Bill Simmons and Joanna Robinson
Associate Producer: Chris Sutton

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