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‘The Rings of Power’ Episode 5 Deep Dive

Mal and Joanna break down all the best moments of the episode, discuss their impressions of Halbrand and Adar, and dip into the Forbidden Pool

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Joanna and Mal journey to Middle-earth once again to talk about the latest episode of The Rings of Power. They start by discussing their overall impressions of the episode (3:02). Then they go for a Helm’s-Deep deep dive into the episode to break down all the details and character moments (14:24). Later, they discuss if their theories about Halbrand or Adar have changed (1:25:10). Finally, they take a dip in the Forbidden Pool and look ahead to what potential book spoilers might mean for some of the revelations in the episode (1:35:02).

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Hosts: Joanna Robinson and Mallory Rubin
Associate Producer: Carlos Chiriboga
Social: Jomi Adeniran
Addition Production Support: Arjuna Ramgopal

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