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Will the Run of Unders Hitting Continue?

Plus, House and Sharp dive into Buffalo-Miami, Green Bay–Tampa Bay, and Detroit-Minnesota before sharing some exotic bets for the week

NFL: SEP 08 Bills at Rams Photo by Jevone Moore/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Sharp and House begin this episode by looking at some trends, including the rate at which unders have hit throughout the first two weeks (1:00). Next, they dive into Buffalo-Miami and explain the importance of Buffalo’s backup secondary holding up (5:00). Then, they break down Green Bay–Tampa Bay (17:00) and touch on Detroit-Minnesota (35:00). Finally, House closes the show by sharing which exotic bets he likes for the week (57:00).

Hosts: Warren Sharp and Joe House
Associate Producer: Mike Wargon
Additional Production Supervision: Steve Ceruti

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