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Daniel Jones on the 2-0 Giants, Mets Clinch Playoffs, Plus Judge Chasing History

Plus, JJ talks about why Aaron Judge has to win MVP over Shohei Ohtani

New York Yankees v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images

01:33 – GIANTS: Daniel Jones talks about being 2-0 for the first time, Baker Mayfield’s comments, and looking ahead to the Cowboys game on MNF next week.
23:47 – METS: JJ talks about the Mets clinching a playoff spot.
25:31 – YANKEES: Aaron Judge is chasing Roger Maris and the triple crown, plus why he has to win MVP over Shohei Ohtani.

Host: John Jastremski
Guest: Daniel Jones
Producers: Jessie Lopez and Steve Ceruti

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