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The Jets, Giants, Mets, and Yankees All Win on the Same Day

JJ recaps a great day in NY sports before talking ‘Monday Night Football’ bets with Jeff Money

Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images

(1:41) — JETS: The Jets beat the Browns after one of the most ridiculous endings in the last 20 years.
(5:52) — GIANTS: The Giants do enough to win ugly over the Panthers and start their season 2-0.
(10:05) — METS: The Mets do what they need to do to sweep the Pirates and maintain their position in the NL East.
(12:10) — YANKEES: The Yankees respond by putting up 12 runs on the Brewers and getting a win as Aaron Judge continues his MVP campaign.
(16:18) — CALLS: Callers talk Jets and Giants.
(41:49) — JEFF MONEY: Jeff Money gives his picks for Monday Night Football.

Host: John Jastremski
Associate Producer: Carlos Chiriboga

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