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Having an Extra Fun Time at the Ballpark, and Pete Bercich on the Vikings’ Season

Jason and Pete discuss their expectations for Kirk Cousins and the Vikings’ move from a 4-3 to a 3-4 defense

Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

The Full Go returns as Jason tries to find another way to avoid talking about the White Sox (01:16). This includes discussing the start of the college football season, and a special shout-out to a couple having a little extra fun during the Cubs-Blue Jays game. Longtime Vikings radio analyst Pete Bercich joins the show to discuss Minnesota’s upcoming season (34:04). They discuss the differences to expect under the new coaching regime, the excitement to see Kirk Cousins perform under Kevin O’Connell, switching from a 4-3 to a 3-4 defense, who is Pete’s most hated Packer, and more.

Host: Jason Goff
Guest: Pete Bercich
Producers: Steve Ceruti, Jessie Lopez, and Tony Gill

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