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Eating at the End of an Era, and Where Restaurants Will Go Next

Dave and Chris talk about the cyclical nature of both culture and food, predict what’s around the culinary corner, and more

Photo by Natasha Breen/REDA&CO/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Culture moves in cycles, and so too do the ways we eat—which has Dave looking for early warning signs of what’s around the corner. He fills us in on what he’s hearing from peers, what the arc of modern plating presages about the turns to come, and a whole lot more, including: pizza-shop paninis, top-tier bodegas, trompe-l’oeil grill marks, New York in the mid-’90s, analog cooking, the Nirvana–Nickelback cycle, what Fergus Henderson likes to drink, Russian service, sorrel salmon, vertical food, spoon drags, Ernesto’s ham and chips, a quenelle chronology, square duck breast, Joey Fatone, and the impact of the vanishing middle.

Hosts: Dave Chang and Chris Ying
Producer: Sasha Ashall
Additional Production: Jordan Bass and Lala Rasor

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