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The Leon Victory Tour Continues, Matchmaking the Welterweight Division, and Will Kamaru Usman Bounce Back?

The guys discuss the impact of Leon Edwards’s win

MMA: AUG 20 UFC 278 Photo by Alejandro Salazar/PxImages/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Days after witnessing one of the best moments in UFC history, Petesy Carroll, Chuck Mindenhall, and producer Tight Ship Troy return to Spotify Live to discuss the following:

—The tremendous outpouring of emotions following Leon Edwards’s historic UFC 278 win over Kamaru Usman (3:52)
—If Edwards’s title means more to the British people than Michael Bisping’s
—Who Edwards should face in his first welterweight title defense, and where the fight should take place (15:55)
—If Usman will become a different fighter following Edwards’s violent head-kick knockout
—Luke Rockhold’s storied career (43:30)

Plus, the fans call in to talk more about the moving parts of the welterweight title picture (52:21), and the guys wonder if there’s a contender out there right now who could, after winning a title, evoke the kind of emotion we’re seeing from Edwards’s win (37:10).

Hosts: Petesy Carroll, Chuck Mindenhall
Producer: Troy Farkas

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