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Mid-Tier Quarterbacks in Make-or-Break Seasons

Plus, debating which quarterbacks could make the leap to “elite” status

Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

Jason and Austin examine some of the QBs in the middle of their rankings who may be operating under short leashes in the upcoming season. First they quickly touch on the “Dangerously Mid-Tier” group and talk about if Kirk Cousins, Ryan Tannehill, or Derek Carr have received enough help from their respective organizations to make an elite jump. Next, they discuss the QBs at the “Flashy Good or Flashy Terrible” level like Kyler Murray (12:43), Jalen Hurts (17:40), and Matt Ryan (21:33), and ponder if they’ll be able to live up their lofty reputations this year. They end the pod by debating if quarterbacks like Daniel Jones (28:00), Jared Goff (30:50), Carson Wentz (33:30), Baker Mayfield (36:07), and Jameis Winston (38:49) are able to transcend their criticisms and elevate their themselves above “Mostly Bad, Sometimes Good” status.

Hosts: Jason Goff and Austin Gayle
Production Supervision: Conor Nevins and Arjuna Ramgopal
Production Assistance: Chris Sutton

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