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Listener Mailbag: Taking a WR First Overall, the RB2 Leap, and Salary Cap Draft Strategy

The guys answer questions to prepare for the upcoming fantasy football season

Minnesota Vikings Training Camp Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

We answer listener questions about taking Justin Jefferson first overall in the draft, which second-round running back will make the leap, the best strategies for a salary cap draft, how to conceive of the best way to determine draft order, and more. We also settle the great Häagen-Dazs debate, and more.

(0:47) - Should you take Justin Jefferson first overall?
(5:33) - Which RB2 will make the leap?
(7:53) - Best salary cap draft strategy
(24:58) - Best/worse PPR players?
(26:59) - Strategies for larger leagues
(30:59) - Ways to determine draft order
(34:30) - Fantasy traits to avoid
(37:49) - Fantasy punishment debate
(41:36) - Ice cream power rankings

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Hosts: Danny Heifetz, Danny Kelly, and Craig Horlbeck
Producer: Craig Horlbeck

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