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Olin Kreutz on the Bears’ Issues, and the Truth About the Field of Dreams Game

Jason also discusses the White Sox unsurprisingly losing three of four to the Royals

SPORTS-FBN-BEARS-SMITH-TB Erin Hooley/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

The Full Go returns as Jason opens up by discussing the Field of Dreams game involving the Cubs and Reds (01:31). Not surprisingly, the White Sox lost three of four to the Royals as their disappointing season continues (13:28). With the Bears’ first preseason game this weekend, Jason brings on former All-Pro center Olin Kreutz (21:38). They go through all the Bears’ problems and issues going into the season, including the offensive line, the receiving corps, Roquan Smith, and more.

Host: Jason Goff
Guest: Olin Kreutz
Producers: Steve Ceruti, Jessie Lopez, and Tony Gill

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