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Cooking Tips, French Fry Rankings, and Restaurants That Celebrate the Absurd

Also, Dave talks about cultural chewiness preferences, his favorite protein, ‘Top Gun,’ and more

Photo by Gado/Getty Images

On a bounteous, bento-box-style, multi-segment episode, Dave delves into a few recent home-cooking successes before turning to a whirlwind assessment of the fast-food French fry landscape (23:00) and finishing off with a few ways forward for restaurants in our image-saturated age (41:45). Also discussed: cultural chewiness preferences, Dave’s favorite protein, family-friendly jangjorim, mapo tofu, Top Gun, The Birth of Tragedy, Jean-Georges’s steakhouse, the next dining hotbeds, and making food that people will wait in the rain for.

Host: Dave Chang
Producers: Jordan Bass and Lala Rasor

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