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‘Better Call Saul’ Season 6, Episode 8

Ben and Joanna react to Gus and Lalo’s confrontation, dissect the episode’s haunting opening scene, and theorize what will happen in the final episodes of the series


Joanna and Ben get together to celebrate the triumphant return of the final season of Better Call Saul, and begin their conversation by discussing Episodes 8’s haunting opening scene. They then talk about Lalo’s moral code throughout the series, and if his tragic end was respectful to it (12:35). Then they dissect the Jimmy/Saul dichotomy and Kim’s loyalty to him, particularly within the construct of their relationship with Lalo (16:09). Next, they look at the tie-ins between Better Call Saul and the movie Born Yesterday, which is featured in the episode, and the intricacies Gilligan and Co. have employed to develop each of the characters since the beginning of the Breaking Bad universe (23:53). Finally, they debate if the final confrontation between Lalo and Gus really could’ve gone down differently, and theorize what will happen in the final stretch of the series (54:26).

Hosts: Ben Lindbergh and Joanna Robinson
Producer: Chris Sutton

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