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A New Deshaun Watson Report, Plus the Broncos Sale and Aaron Donald’s Extension

Kevin, Nora, and Steven break down the latest report on the Watson sexual misconduct lawsuits, examine the Texans’ and Browns’ involvement in the current situation, and discuss a potential suspension

Cleveland Browns Offseason Workout Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images

Kevin, Nora, and Steven open by discussing the New York Times report on the additional Deshaun Watson sexual misconduct lawsuits and his actions throughout the past few years. They break down the Texans’ and Browns’ involvement, discuss a potential suspension and what this could mean for Watson’s career. They close by analyzing the Broncos being sold to the Walton-Penner group and Aaron Donald’s contract extension.

Host: Kevin Clark, Nora Princiotti, and Steven Ruiz
Associate Producer: Stefan Anderson
Research: Julianna Ress and Dan Comer
Copyediting: Craig Gaines and Jack McCluskey

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