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Scared Money Don’t Make No Money, and Adam Kramer on the 2022 NFL Draft

Plus, recapping the latest in Cubs and White Sox baseball

Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Jason opens the show talking about his time living in the South Side, before linking it to Ryan Poles’s first draft class for the Bears (05:20). In looking at the moves the first-year Bears GM has made this offseason, Jason begins to wonder: Just how committed is he to Justin Fields? Adam Kramer from Vsin and Bleacher Report joins as they discuss the 2022 NFL draft, thoughts on the Bears’ top picks, Adam’s podcast No Punts Allowed, and more (23:15). With the Cubs and White Sox series this week, Jason makes a plea to all the fans: Don’t fight and just enjoy the mediocre baseball (52:01).

Host: Jason Goff
Guest: Adam Kramer
Producers: Steve Ceurti and Jessie Lopez

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