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‘Better Call Saul’ Season 6, Episode 3 Recap

Plus, an interview with Michael Mando to discuss his role as Nacho on the series


Joanna and Ben begin their conversation by talking about the amazing production design of the season so far. They then speculate on what Jimmy and Kim are planning, what the reappearance of Huell and Suzanne means for the rest of the story line, and where Lalo could be located (14:42). Next, they analyze each of Nacho’s sequences in the episode and what his early exit means for his dad and for the future events of the series (37:33). Finally, Joanna speaks with actor Michael Mando to break down Nacho’s character and what it has meant to him and for the Breaking Bad universe in general (1:12:12).

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Hosts: Ben Lindbergh and Joanna Robinson
Guest: Michael Mando
Producer: Chris Sutton

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