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The 2022 NFL Draft for Dummies

Danny, Danny, Ben, and Craig discuss Jacksonville’s options with the first pick, the most likely draft fallers, and which teams have the most at stake

Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

The draft is two weeks away, so we wanted to take a step back and approach this as the SparkNotes version of the 2022 NFL draft. We touch on the essential information you need to know as you get ready for the draft. Later, we play America’s favorite game: Two Jargons, One Lie.

(3:36) – What is the biggest story of this draft?
(5:14) – Which team has the most at stake?
(10:49) – Which team needs a QB the most?
(16:28) – Who’s going no. 1 overall?
(19:11) – Which type of players get drafted when?
(25:25) – Who are the fantasy-relevant players?
(33:05) – Who will fall in the draft but succeed in the NFL?
(37:56) – Two Draft Jargons, One Lie
(42:07) – Listener Two Jargons, One Lie

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Hosts: Danny Heifetz, Danny Kelly, Ben Solak, and Craig Horlbeck
Producer: Craig Horlbeck

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