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Recapping a Wild Day in the NFL, and Ryan Poles at the Combine

Plus: Why we’re happy for Mitchell Trubisky

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

The Athletic’s Kevin Fishbain returns to The Full Go to help recap a wild day in the NFL. Kevin gives his thoughts on Aaron Rodgers’s announcement that he’d re-sign with the Packers and Russell Wilson’s trade to the Broncos (02:56). Jason points out how Russ slowly maneuvered his way out of Seattle and why this trade is going to be important down the line (15:25). Kevin also shares his experience at this year’s combine and what he’s heard about Ryan Poles (20:40). Also, they go down the Bears’ offseason checklist (33:45).

Host: Jason Goff
Guest: Kevin Fishbain
Producers: Steve Ceruti, Chris Tannehill, and Jessie Lopez

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