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Bulls Need to Be Ready for a Playoff Run, Manicures for Baseball, and Scouting in the Digital Age

Plus, Jason briefly discusses the situation in Ukraine

Chicago Bulls v Miami Heat Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The Full Go begins by skipping through the Bulls’ 130-124 loss to the Hawks as Jason goes through the top teams in the Eastern Conference and their chances to make a run at the title. He shares his thoughts on Harden’s fit with the 76ers, Simmons’s back issues with the Nets, and the Bucks-Giannis fatigue (01:55). It was reported that Zach LaVine’s knee has not fully healed and he will probably not fully recover this season, but there is likely a reason he’s continuing to play through the pain (10:25). Jason tells us why men need to evolve as they wait around for MLB to resolve the lockout (25:07). As the NFL combine rolls on, Jason shares that he’s no longer such a big fan of the event (35:45) but was intrigued by a brief clip of Bears GM Ryan Poles and his scouting mindset (40:21). Lastly, a brief discussion about the situation in Ukraine (47:37).

Host: Jason Goff
Producers: Steve Ceruti, Chris Tannehill, and Jessie Lopez

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