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NCAA Munch Madness: UConn vs. Wisconsin

Can the eateries in Storrs beat out the cheese in Madison and move on to the Final Fork?

Miami, Winn-Dixie, Wisconsin Cheese wheel and bread Photo by: Jeffrey Greenberg/Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Taste Buds, House of Carbs is back for another Munch Madness matchup! This week, House and Craig are joined by Ringer cohost and UConn alum Justin Verrier to learn all about the eateries in and around Storrs. Then, they’re joined by Wisconsin alum and Ringer cohost Amelia Wedemeyer to find out if the cheese in Madison is worth the hype. Find out which city most pleases the palate and advances on to the Final Fork!

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Hosts: Joe House and Craig Horlbeck
Guests: Justin Verrier and Amelia Wedemeyer
Producers: Craig Horlbeck and Mike Wargon