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The Free-Agency Hangover

Danny, Danny, Craig, and Ben recap the latest NFL moves and play a special edition of Two Jargons, One Lie

Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Earlier this week, we played the Adam Schefter free-agency drinking game, and now we have the free-agency hangover. In the sober light of day, we check back in on teams to help them piece together what they did last night and whether they have any regrets. We end the show by playing a special listener-submitted edition of Two Jargons, One Lie.

(1:39) Bucs
(3:27) Cowboys
(5:49) J.D. McKissic
(8:39) Colts
(11:18) Baker Mayfield
(19:36) Aaron Rodgers
(22:59) Jaguars
(26:19) Seahawks
(29:00) Russell Wilson
(32:55) Saints
(35:50) Patriots
(38:37) Steelers
(40:17) Carson Wentz
(45;11) Two Draft Jargons, One Lie
(51:07) Listener Two Jargons, One Lie

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Hosts: Danny Heifetz, Danny Kelly, Ben Solak, and Craig Horlbeck
Producer: Craig Horlbeck

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