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Nets Fall in Phoenix, Rangers Stay Hot, and Brian Flores vs. the NFL

Plus, Ian O’Connor on the Giants’ hiring process and Coach K

Brooklyn Nets v Phoenix Suns Photo by Barry Gossage/NBAE via Getty Images

(00:50) — BRIAN FLORES: JJ breaks down the Flores class-action vs. NFL, how the Giants play into it, and what to expect.

(09:59) — TOM BRADY: JJ looks back at Brady’s illustrious career.

(12:41) — NETS: Kyrie’s and Harden’s big performances not enough to slow down the red-hot Suns.

(13:39) — RANGERS: The Rangers’ stretch of great hockey continues.

(14:55) — IAN O’CONNOR: NY Post writer discusses the Flores-Giants interview process, Brady’s career, and his upcoming book Coach K: The Rise and Reign of Mike Krzyzewski.

(33:09) — CALLS: Callers talk Knicks trade ideas.

(41:06) — TRIVIA: Another week of Trivia Q&A With JJ.

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Host: John Jastremski
Guest: Ian O’Connor
Producers: Stefan Anderson and Steve Ceruti

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