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Ringer MMA’s 2022 Recap Mega-Pod! Plus, Ariel Breaks the Fourth Wall on the Dillon Danis Interview.

The guys look back at the year’s best MMA moments

KSI v Dillon Danis Press Conference Photo by Warren Little/Getty Images

Petesy Carroll and Chuck Mindenhall begin the final episode of the year by digging into this bizarre interview with oft-criticized MMA judge Douglas Crosby, as well as Ariel Helwani’s sit-down with Dillon Danis yesterday. Then, Ariel calls in from the airport to take you behind the scenes of the Danis conversation and discuss how he really feels about how the whole thing went down (26:45).

And to round out a wildly successful year for the show, the guys take a bunch of calls from the best damn fans in all of MMA (39:31). We discuss things like favorite moments from the show this year, the Nate Diaz run-in in Las Vegas, marathon shows surrounding UFC 274 and UFC 279, inside jokes, favorite TST moments, awards for the fans, if 3PAC will make the journey to London in March, Salwani’s new podcast, and so much more!

We’ll see you next year. Much love.

Hosts: Petesy Carroll and Chuck Mindenhall
Producer: Troy Farkas

Special thanks: Pat Muldowney, Kristen Friis, Lauren Kamm, Jessica Bowman, Bri Lewerke, and the entire Spotify Live team for making 2022 a year to never forget.

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