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The Dave Chang Thanksgiving Playbook, Part 2

Dave talks the six essential starches and taking a stand against appetizers

Photo by L. Fritz/ClassicStock/Getty Images

With the holiday just days away, Dave takes stock of his culinary game plan and the potential perils that still lie ahead—then jumps into a gravy-soaked MOIF with Noelle and Chris. Included in the table-buckling spread: the full Dave Chang Thanksgiving Menu lineup, emptying the fridge by any means necessary, the six essential starches, za’atar-dusted kabocha with labneh, breaking down squash with a band saw, Dances With Wolves, how Dave makes gravy, beurre noisette, “The Big Aristotle,” and taking a stand against appetizers.

Hosts: Dave Chang and Chris Ying
Guest: Noelle Cornelio
Producers: Sasha Ashall, Jordan Bass, and Lala Rasor

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