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Izzy’s Handling of Defeat, Justice for Arnold Allen, and PFL’s Big Mistake

Plus, talking Rumble Johnson memories

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In one of the most memorable episodes to date, Ariel Helwani, Chuck Mindenhall, and Petesy Carroll discuss:

  • 3PAC’s memories of heavyweight legend Anthony “Rumble” Johnson, who passed away last weekend at the age of 38 (6:54)
  • Israel Adesanya’s admirable conduct following his UFC 281 loss and whether he’s actually getting more fans in defeat (18:55)
  • Rumors of Jorge Masvidal and Gilbert Burns fighting early next year (43:16)
  • The interim featherweight title fight and the disrespect shown toward Ringer MMA favorite Arnold Allen (44:48)

Plus, Ariel convinces you to buy next week’s PFL pay-per-view (and ditch the World Cup), another Helwani 10-7 (1:28:20) … and a hamster at a birthday party?

Hosts: Ariel Helwani, Petesy Carroll, Chuck Mindenhall
Producer: Troy Farkas

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