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‘Crown Jewel’ Predictions, Schmeggegy Jeopardy, and a Mini Tiers of Maj!

Plus, discussing the return of ‘Young Rock’


Should SGG go on Wheel of Fortune? Is Rosenberg now a handyman? These are the burning questions on this week’s Cheap Heat. Oh, and the guys also talk about the return of Young Rock this Friday (23:08), Roman Reigns’s place in the GOAT conversation (27:15), and predictions for this weekend’s big Crown Jewel pay-per-view (41:55).

Be sure to catch some of the members of The Ringer Wrestling Show LIVE on Saturday immediately following the end of Crown Jewel. Listen live on the Spotify app or by following @RingerWrestling on Spotify Live.

Hosts: Peter Rosenberg, Greg Hyde, Dip
Producer: Troy Farkas

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