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NY Football Comes Back to Earth: Brian Barrett on the Pats Owning the Jets, and Danny Heifetz on the Giants Falling to 6-2

Brian and Danny join to break down Zach Wilson and Daniel Jones’s performances against New England and Seattle

New York Giants v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Lindsey Wasson/Getty Images

(1:02) — JETS: The Jets, with all their talent, still cannot get past the Patriots as they lose their 13th straight against the Pats.
(6:02) — GIANTS: The Giants’ win streak comes to an end in Seattle, how will they respond coming out of the bye week?
(17:42) — CALLS: Callers talk Jets, Giants, and Knicks.
(35:28) — BRIAN BARRETT: Host of The Ringer’s Off The Pike podcast joins the show to discuss the Patriots’ dominance over the Jets, the futures of Mac Jones and Zach Wilson, and his thoughts on Boston sports this year.
(52:22) — DANNY HEIFETZ: Friend of the show Danny Heifetz returns to discuss the Giants’ start, Daniel Jones, and the Daboll-Schoen regime.
(73:32) — TRIVIA: JJ returns to test his trivia skills.

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Host: John Jastremski
Guests: Danny Heifetz and Brian Barrett
Producer: Stefan Anderson

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