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Dave Chang Predicts the Future (of Restaurants)

Dave predicts the ways in which restaurants will potentially reinvent themselves. Later, he and Chris discuss a litany of other relevant food news.

Fortune Teller Looking Into Crystal Ball, Filled With Money. Photo by Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

He’s been right (and wrong!) many times before—now Dave’s stepping up to the crystal ball once again. What sort of strategies, service styles, and so-stupid-they’re-smart concepts will restaurants reinvent themselves around in the years to come? Tune in for a blizzard of predictions, and consider stealing an idea or two to make the prophecy come true. Discussed along the way: invite-only restaurants, the end of food photography, Dave’s Korean BBQ buffet, the point-forward model, convergent evolution, the sushi-bro scourge, eating good food while you’re watching Tiësto, Charlie Chaplin, the dinner at the beginning of Goodfellas, the Memento approach to dating, the zhug moment, beef wellington, Oriental Garden, and throwing down the live-cooking gauntlet.

Hosts: Dave Chang and Chris Ying
Producers: Sasha Ashall, Jordan Bass, and Aleya Zenieris

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