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‘The White Lotus’ Season 2, Episode 1 Recap

Bill and Joanna discuss the season premiere of the HBO anthology series


Bill and Joanna get together to talk about the Season 2 premiere of The White Lotus on HBO. They begin their conversation by examining the show’s evolution from limited series to Emmy-winning juggernaut heading into its second season, while also shining a light on director Mike White’s stylistic contributions. They then dive into the show’s character dynamics, talk about the effectiveness of releasing a series in a weekly format vs. an all-at-once binge, and debate why The White Lotus is so special (7:02). Finally, they rank their favorite subplots, appreciate Aubrey Plaza’s impeccable performance as Harper Spiller, and break down the pivotal scenes from the episode (28:49).

Hosts: Bill Simmons and Joanna Robinson
Associate Producers: Isaiah Blakely and Chris Sutton

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