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Extremely Spicy Noodles and the Raw Crab Frontier

Plus, Dave and Chris do an on-the-fly round of #AskDave and delve into so much more

In this photo illustration, noodles fried with chicken (... Photo Illustration by Igor Golovniov/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Dave and Chris are breaking in the new MDM office with an on-the-fly #AskDave, covering all the topics other shows are afraid to talk about: fear in Home Depot, MacGyver-ing your own podcast studio, treating scimitar wounds, NASA-approved hot sauces, the problem with tater tots, bachelor pad grocery budgets, Transitions lenses, burping your kimchi jars, psilocybin butter sauce, and Dave’s favorite vegetable.

Hosts: Dave Chang and Chris Ying
Producer: Sasha Ashall
Additional Production: Jordan Bass and Lala Rasor

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