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The NFL Food City Playoffs: Chomp-ionship Round

The final signature foods gets turned into their own meals with toppings and sides

Cover story - Queen Mothers Fried Chicken

Joe House and Craig Horlbeck add a special twist to the Chomp-ionship round by turning each signature food item into a full meal, complete with toppings and sides. First they are joined by David Jacoby to eat their way through the final two AFC cities, Nashville hot chicken vs. Buffalo wings (0:31), before welcoming Mallory Rubin to dig into the final two NFC cities, Green Bay curds and brats vs. the Philadelphia cheesesteak (28:32).

The only way to know if they got this right is to belly-source it! Find us on Twitter @HouseOfCarbs and on Instagram @TheHouseOfCarbs and let us know.

Hosts: Joe House and Craig Horlbeck
Guests: David Jacoby and Mallory Rubin
Producers: Craig Horlbeck, Chelsea Stark-Jones, and Mike Wargon