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Bears Hire Matt Eberflus, and J.J. Stankevitz on Why the Bears Got It Right

Plus, Ben Solak on scouting Eberflus’s system and what his hiring means for Justin Fields’s development

NFL: AUG 02 Indianapolis Colts Training Camp Photo by Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Chicago Bears have hired Colts defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus to be the 17th head coach in franchise history. Jason examines what the Bears may look like compared to the teams remaining in the playoffs (04:15). The Bears defense may look different with a new scheme under the new staff, but how do the pieces fit (05:50)? As Eberflus begins to fill out his coaching staff, Philadelphia’s Kevin Patullo is rumored to be the next offensive coordinator. Whoever is on this coaching staff has their work cut out for them, and they need to be ready for the criticism (12:15). J.J. Stankevitz ( not only covers the Colts, but once covered the Bears for most of the Matt Nagy era. There aren’t many people with a more informed perspective than J.J. to evaluate the Eberflus hire. J.J. answers what can Bears fans expect from this first-time head coach, the offense he’ll bring for Justin Fields, and more (16:06). Benjamin Solak returns to the show to discuss how the Eberflus hire fits with the Bears roster and the development of Fields. Plus, does the Eberflus defense have limitations when lining up against elite offenses? Ben brings his analytical insight to The Full Go (32:39).

Host: Jason Goff
Guests: J.J. Stankevitz and Ben Solak
Produces: Steve Ceruti, Chris Tannehill, and Jessie Lopez

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