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More Weekend Football Notes, Media News From Chicago, and the Profile Location of the Week

Bryan and David discuss Aaron Rodgers, Tony Romo, and coverage of the NFL playoffs

NFC Divisional Playoffs - San Francisco 49ers v Green Bay Packers Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Bryan and David are back to discuss the weekend full of divisional-round playoff games. They break down the impact these games have had on the audience and touch on Aaron Rodgers’s interview with Kevin Van Valkenburg two days before his divisional game as well as Tony Romo’s performance (6:42). Then, they address the potential career moves for New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton, former Cowboys star Troy Aikman, and NBC commentator Al Michaels (25:21). Lastly, in the Notebook Dump, they discuss the news that the Chicago Sun-Times was acquired and will become a nonprofit, touch on Robert Costa leaving The Washington Post for CBS News, and then wrap things up with a new feature called Chyron Copy Editor (39:20). Plus, the Overworked Twitter Joke of the Week and David Shoemaker Guesses the Strained Pun Headline.

Hosts: Bryan Curtis and David Shoemaker
Associate Producer: Erika Cervantes

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