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‘Bachelor’ News, ‘The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City,’ and ‘Cheer’

Juliet and Callie discuss the latest from Bachelor Nation and break down Season 2 of the Netflix cheerleading series


With The Bachelor taking a week off, Juliet and Callie get together to discuss recent headlines in Bachelor Nation and chat about other shows they’ve been loving. They begin by breaking down Cassidy’s recent TikTok temper tantrum (04:38), then they touch base on the insanity featured on this season of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City (15:10), before sharing their thoughts on Season 2 of Netflix’s Cheer (25:50).

Sensitive content: 13:20-15:10, 26:48-29:10

Host: Juliet Litman
Guest: Callie Curry
Producer: Devon Manze

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