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Giant Low Point? Joe Judge Is Back for 2022

Plus, discussing a potential trade for Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson

New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles Getty Images

JJ is joined by The Ringer’s Danny Heifetz for an immediate reaction to the Giants’ decision to keep head coach Joe Judge and the retirement of GM Dave Gettleman.

(1:36)—Is Judge’s return that much of a surprise?
(7:28)—Gettleman was one of the worst GMs ever
(12:29)—Is this rock bottom for the franchise?
(18:47)—Should they trade for Russell Wilson?
(22:19)—Some optimism on how the Giants can still get themselves out of this mess in the short and long term

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Host: John Jastremski
Guest: Danny Heifetz
Producer: Steve Ceruti and Stefan Anderson

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