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Giants Predictions and a Fantasy Preview With Danny Heifetz

Plus, Yankees beat the White Sox and the Mets’ season is on life support

New York Giants v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

JJ opens with the Mets getting swept by the Dodgers (00:56), the Yankees’ impressive series win over the White Sox (06:33), and his takeaways from the Jets-Giants preseason game Saturday night (12:22). Then, he chats with The Ringer’s Danny Heifetz about the expectations for the Giants, the NFC East, and the players he likes this season in fantasy (17:20). Finally, he closes it out with some listener voicemails (47:45) before looking ahead to some of the bets best of the week(68:53).

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Host: John Jastremski
Guests: Danny Heifetz
Producers: Steve Ceruti and Stefan Anderson

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