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‘Loki’ Ep. 4: Analysis, Themes, and Theories

Rolling Stone chief TV critic Alan Sepinwall joins Mal to break down the monumental fourth episode


Mal is joined by Rolling Stone chief TV critic Alan Sepinwall to talk about the monumental fourth episode of Loki, entitled “The Nexus Event” (03:36). They discuss Mobius and the discovery he makes in this episode (55:05) as well as what may be the driving force behind the Time-Keepers (74:59). Then Mal joins Jomi Adeniran and Daniel Chin to answer your mailbag questions (111:48).

Host: Mallory Rubin
Guests: Alan Sepinwall, Daniel Chin, and Jomi Adeniran
Producer: Steve Ahlman
Additional Production: Arjuna Ramgopal and TD St. Matthew-Daniel

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