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Yankees Keep Losing, Knicks Keep Winning

JJ chats with John Flaherty and JackO about where the Yankees go from here

New York Knicks v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

JJ is beside himself about the Yankees getting swept by the Rays and the arrogance of this team thinking they’re much better than they really are (2:50). It’s not all bad though—at least the Knicks keep winning (10:50). He then brings on JackO, The Ringer’s resident Yankees fan, for a venting session (18:00). Next, former Yankees catcher and current YES Network analyst John Flaherty talks about where the team goes from here and tells some stories about his playing days (41:30). Finally, JJ talks about the Mets finally getting deGrom some run support (1:04:55), takes some listener voicemails (1:07:20), and closes it out with some NFL draft prop betting tips (1:28:00).

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