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The Free Agency Hangover

Danny, Danny, and Craig check back in on teams to assess whether they should have any regrets about their free agency choices

New Orleans Saints v Detroit Lions Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

Last week we played the Adam Schefter free agency drinking game, this week we have the free agency hangover. Now that it’s the morning after, we are checking back in on teams to help them piece together what they did last night and whether they have any regrets.

Giants (2:44)
Steelers (12:56)
Seahawks (19:12)
Raiders (24:16)
Patriots (30:19)
Dolphins (33:52)
Rams (37:04)
Washington (40:42)
Cardinals (45:08)
Ravens (49:02)
Lions (50:09)
Titans (52:31)
Colts (56:49)

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