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Renee Montgomery on Her Activism As an Athlete and Sitting Out the 2020 Season

Plus, CC slings heat about Matthew Stafford and the Nets before he and Ryan discuss their Super Bowl bets—and what will happen if they lose

Jr. NBA Day presented by Under Armour Photo by Alex Nahorniak-Svenski/NBAE via Getty Images

This week, CC slings heat about Matthew Stafford, Jared Goff, and the Nets’ porous defense before we share our bets for the upcoming Super Bowl—including what CC or Ryan will have to do if they’re on the losing end of those bets (1:20). Then, we’re joined by Renee Montgomery of the Atlanta Dream to discuss her activism as an athlete, sitting out the 2020 season, growing up Black in a mostly white community, and more (31:30).

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