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Week 16 Recap: The Bills Make a Statement, the Texans Upset the Chargers, and How Good are the Bengals and Colts?

Kevin, Nora, and Steven also look at the AFC playoff picture and answer listener questions

Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots Photo by Maddie Malhotra/Getty Images

Kevin, Nora, and Steven begin the podcast by dissecting the Buffalo Bills’ impressive win over the Patriots and how it changes the narrative for both teams heading into the playoffs. Next, they discuss the Texans’ upset win over the Chargers (13:28) and the Bengals’ decisive victory over a depleted Ravens team that is past the point of no return (23:00). Then they discuss how the Bengals (29:00) and Colts (37:19) look within the AFC playoff picture, answer listener questions (44:46), and much more.

Hosts: Kevin Clark, Nora Princiotti, and Steven Ruiz
Producer: Arjuna Ramgopal
Associate Producer: Chris Sutton

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