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Knicks Ride the Kemba Wave But Still Have Big Problems, Plus Week 16 NFL Picks With Joe Benigno

Is Kemba’s resurgence enough to turn the Knicks’ season around? Should the team make a trade for De’Aaron Fox?

Washington Wizards v New York Knicks Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

(03:36) — KNICKS: Kemba’s resurgence still doesn’t solve this team’s problems
(05:23) — Should the Knicks trade for De’Aaron Fox?
(08:29) — GIANTS: Is there anything to look forward to the rest of the season?
(10:41) — JETS: Zach Wilson needs to show us something to end the year
(13:46) — CALLS: Knicks need a shake-up? Buck hire overrated for the Mets? Plus does David Ortiz get a pass?
(24:54) — Old School vs. New School Week 16 NFL picks with Joe Benigno
(54:05) — More on how to bet Week 16 in the NFL with handicapper Art DiCesare
(68:48) — Fantasy football advice with Jason Katz

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Host: John Jastremski
Guest: Joe Benigno, Art DiCesare and Jason Katz
Producers: Steve Ceruti and Stefan Anderson

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