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Why Justin Fields Will Break Out on ‘MNF,’ Bears-Steelers Preview With Ryan Shazier, and Checking in on Bulls Joy

Jason predicts how the rookie QB will perform against Pittsburgh

Chicago Bears v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

After the Bulls’ back-to-back losses against the 76ers, Jason checks in with Bulls fans to see if they’re still riding high after their hot start to the season (0:10). Find out why Jason believes Justin Fields has the opportunity to shine on Monday night (10:00). Ryan Shazier joins the show (14:18) and talks about the injury that ended his career and changed his life. Plus, Ryan tells us how he almost didn’t end up at Ohio State University, and later previews tomorrow’s Monday Night Football matchup in Pittsburgh (1:01:00).

Host: Jason Goff
Guest: Ryan Shazier
Producers: Steve Ceruti & Chris Tannehill

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