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Aaron Rodgers’s COVID Situation, Odell’s Future in Cleveland, and More From a Busy NFL News Week

Mallory and Nora also ponder the Saints’ quarterback plans and discuss how the Cardinals should handle Kyler Murray’s ankle injury

Washington Football Team v Green Bay Packers Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images

Nora and Mal start by talking about the news that Aaron Rodgers will be out this week after testing positive for COVID-19 (3:05). Next, they discuss Odell Beckham Jr.’s unknown future in Cleveland after back-to-back days of being excused from practice (27:27). They also touch on the Saints’ quarterback situation with Jameis Winston out for the season and how the Cardinals should handle Kyler Murray’s injury (42:21).

Hosts: Nora Princiotti and Mallory Rubin
Production Assistant: Isaiah Blakely
Additional Production Supervision: Arjuna Ramgopal

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