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Giants Get Rid of Garrett, Stugotz’s N.Y. Sports Session, Plus Thanksgiving/Week 12 Picks With Joe Benigno

JJ also talks about the Jets going back to starting Zach Wilson and recaps the Knicks’ win over the Lakers

Los Angeles Rams v New York Giants Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

JJ opens by discussing the Giants’ decision to fire Jason Garrett and the other fixes the franchise needs to make (01:43), the Jets going back to starting Zach Wilson (06:55), and recapping the Knicks’ win over the Lakers (08:51). Next, JJ talks with Meadowlark Media’s Jon “Stugotz” Weiner about their N.Y. upbringings, golf, and his career in radio (12:33). Then he answers his voicemails and does some Trivia Q&A With JJ (41:00) before Old School vs. New School Week 11 NFL picks with Joe Benigno (57:00). And finally, he closes it out with some more Week 11 NFL plays with handicapper Art DiCesare (87:00) and gets some fantasy advice from Jason Katz (106:24).

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Host: John Jastremski
Guests: Joe Benigno, Art DiCesare, Jason Katz, Jon “Stugotz” Weiner
Producers: Steve Ceruti and Stefan Anderson

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