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Will the Bears Ever Change? Plus: Stories of Calling in Sick, and the Bulls Put the Kids to Bed.

Jason recaps Chicago’s rough game against Baltimore

Baltimore Ravens v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Jason opens the show by dissecting Chicago’s awful loss to Baltimore. More questionable clock management and suspect game-planning have the Bears sitting at 3-7. Jason wonders if things will ever change at Halas Hall (0:10). Lamar Jackson’s illness had us wondering, “What is your craziest story of calling off work?” Your responses did not disappoint (21:00). The Bulls continue to impress, as they sit at 12-5 on top of the Eastern Conference, following a big win at home over the Knicks on Sunday night (35:30). Jason highlights Zach LaVine playing good basketball while battling through his thumb injury, and how the Bulls have elevated their play on the defensive end.

Host: Jason Goff
Producers: Steve Ceruti, Chris Tannehill, and Jessie Lopez

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