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Can Anyone Be Great in 2021? Lessons From the Chiefs and Cowboys.

Kevin is joined by Eric Eager and Nate Taylor to discuss Patrick Mahomes’s season and what to expect from the Chiefs moving forward

Kansas City Chiefs v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Kevin is joined by PFF’s Eric Eager and The Athletic’s Nate Taylor to discuss the Chiefs’ early struggles, how teams have defended Patrick Mahomes, and what to expect from the Chiefs for the rest of season. Then he is joined by Dallas Cowboys staff writer David Helman to break down Dak Prescott’s MVP case, the Cowboys’ status as contenders, and the upcoming Chiefs-Cowboys matchup.

Host: Kevin Clark
Guests: David Helman, Eric Eager, Nate Taylor
Associate Producer: Stefan Anderson
Additional Production Supervision: Arjuna Ramgopal

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