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Building Week 10 Betting Cards and Discussing the Best Thanksgiving Pies

Plus, there’s an all-underdog edition of House’s Exotics

Atlanta Falcons v New Orleans Saints Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

This week, Warren and Joe go over their betting cards, beginning with Saints-Titans, and talk about the impact that Alvin Kamara’s potential absence could have on the game (6:00). Then, they move on to Sunday Night Football and wonder whether the Chiefs offensive line can slow down the Raiders’ front four (20:00). Plus, betting advice for Browns-Patriots (31:00), Vikings-Chargers (41:00), and an all-underdog edition of House’s Exotics (1:01:00).

Hosts: Warren Sharp and Joe House
Producers: Craig Horlbeck, Steve Ceruti, and Mike Wargon

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