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QB Career Over/Unders, Jonathan Vilma, Plus WeWork With Authors Eliot Brown and Maureen Farrell

Plus, Ryen answers some listener-submitted Life Advice questions

Las Vegas Raiders v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Russillo and Ceruti predict the trajectories of a few young quarterbacks by comparing them to veteran QBs [i.e., Baker Mayfield and Alex Smith] (1:08). Then Ryen talks with Super Bowl champion and Fox NFL analyst Jonathan Vilma about the Giants’ overtime win over the Saints, expectations for the Chargers after beating the Raiders on Monday night, Myles Garrett’s dominance on the defensive side of the ball, Vilma’s Urban Meyer conspiracy theory, and more (15:40). Next, Ryen talks with journalists Maureen Farrell and Eliot Brown about their book, The Cult of We: WeWork, Adam Neumann, and the Great Startup Delusion (48:20), before Ryen answers some listener-submitted Life Advice questions (1:23:10).

Host: Ryen Russillo
Guests: Jonathan Vilma, Eliot Brown, and Maureen Farrell
Producers: Kyle Crichton and Steve Ceruti

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